So why you need a website?

  • Mon, 07/18/2011 - 11:23
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why you need a webpage

This question might sound awkward coming from web designers, but we believe this is the most crucial question in any web project.

Some professionals are really misinformed about how a website can help their business to grow, and feel obliged to spend a significant amount of money on something they consider minor to their job because someone told them "you should have one"or because competitors have one, too.

So, our approach always begins with the reasons that this professional needs a website, and how it can help his business. These reasons will determine in the end the design, structure, content and features of his website. In an attempt to define these reasons we try to answer a few important questions such us:

1. What is your target audience and how your site will be helpful to them?

2. What are your advantages and how they will be promoted through your web site?

3. How someone will learn about your website?

Of course every website tells a different story, and any professional deserves a different approach, but the answers on the above questions could be a solid basis for designing a successful website.